Omocha no Meiro

The 14th in the best-selling "Play and Learn" maze series!

With the added bonus of being able to fly the paper plane that appears in the story!

The elaborately illustrated Toy Land is a maze and a dice drawing. The mazes and picture frames are set up in the elaborately illustrated toy land. The world of the doll's house with its fascinating cross-sectional view, the domino alley that looks as if it is about to fall over, the model circuit that goes round and round the rails, etc., will fascinate both boys and girls. There are also plenty of quizzes to exercise the mind, such as reorienting puzzle pieces and assembling them by imagining the dice. Children and adults can enjoy this book together as a family.

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Table of Contents

  • つみきの街
  • 人形の家
  • ボードゲーム公園
  • パズルの広場
  • 伝統おもちゃ屋敷
  • ドミノ倒しの路地
  • ガラスの小道
  • ブロックの中庭
  • カードゲーム通り
  • からくりの木
  • 模型のサーキット
  • おもちゃの城
  • もう一度、おもちゃの国の秘密
  • 迷路と問題の答え
  • 紙ヒコーキの折り方

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